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What are the Benefits of Getting Speech Therapy at Home?

How can you save time and energy, and help your child learn and grow in their most familiar environment?

By getting speech therapy at home!

Did you know that Connect Speech Therapy offers in-home speech therapy? Providing speech therapy in a child's home environment is beneficial for MANY reasons!

What Does a Speech Therapist Do?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can help children with talking and making sounds. But did you know that SLPs can help children in many other areas?

Speech therapists can also help your child if they are:

  • Having trouble understanding instructions

  • Falling behind in reading, writing, spelling, or grammar skills

  • Having difficulties with social interactions and making friends

  • Having trouble speaking at the right volume & taking care of their voice

  • Stuttering or cluttering

  • Showing difficulties with chewing or swallowing

  • Struggling with thinking skills (ex: attention, remembering information, and solving problems)

  • Feeling frustrated because others have trouble understanding them

There are many other reasons why a child might need speech therapy. Speech and language therapy is beneficial for daily life, social skills, and academic success!

Why Does Speech Therapy at Home Work Best for Kids?

We love coming into your home, where your child is comfortable and spends most of their time! We are able to meet them where they are to help them develop into their best self. There are many benefits to getting speech therapy at home, but we'll talk about some of our favorites here!

Since children are already in their familiar environment, they are:

  • More comfortable

  • More likely to participate

  • Quicker to interact and engage with us

  • Less stressed

  • More focused

  • More relaxed

  • Excited to welcome a new friend

  • Ready to share their favorite toys (we can also incorporate these into therapy!)

Speech therapy at home doesn't only benefit your child, though! It also means you don't have to pack up and drag your whole family to the clinic. Now you can say hello to more time and energy, and goodbye to scheduling conflicts! If you have many busy children, getting speech therapy at home can also make it easier to get the therapy they need.

When you welcome us into your home, we also get to:

  • Teach you how to continue therapy activities on your own (which means faster progress!)

  • Empower you by involving you in therapy every step of the way

  • Use your child's own toys and items they have access to all the time at home to help them grow

  • Observe any environmental factors that may impact your child's communication

  • Include your entire family in our treatment plan (this is one of our favorite parts!)

We want you and your family to consider yourselves a BIG part of your child's treatment team! Your involvement is key to helping your child learn and use their new skills faster and more often.

The benefits of getting speech therapy at home can also allow your child to:

  • Learn faster

  • Make more progress

  • Need less therapy!

How Does Speech Therapy at Home with Connect Work?

Knowledge is power, so here's how the process generally works, from start to finish!

  • We begin with a phone consultation - this is a time for you, the parents, to share your concerns with the SLP!

  • Then, you may schedule an evaluation with us or provide the SLP with a recent evaluation report.

  • If we recommend therapy, we will schedule weekly in-person or teletherapy sessions.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Speech Therapy at Home Today

If you're ready to...

  • Say hello to more time

  • Ditch the hassle of traveling to and from appointments

  • Give your child the opportunity to learn and grow in their safe space

  • Learn how to support your child's communication skills at home (even after we leave)

Give us a call to get started with speech therapy at home TODAY! We want to empower your family, teach you new strategies, and help you reach the goals that matter most to you!

We may be biased, but we think we have the best therapy team around, and we can't wait to bring our therapy team to YOU!


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