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Does My Kid Need Speech Therapy?

We get asked all the time...

"Does my kid need speech therapy?"

"Should we wait and see if they catch up?"

"Is it best to come back when they're older?"

If you've been wondering if your child might need to see a pediatric speech therapist, research has shown that a "wait and see" approach is NOT the best option. Let's explore when you should seek speech therapy services, why you shouldn't wait and see, and how to get started with us today!

When To See a Pediatric Speech Therapist

If you've been asking yourself, "Does my kid need speech therapy?" you're not alone!

This is a common question that parents ask us often. Not everything in life has a simple answer, but we're happy to say that this question does.

If you are:

  • Worried about how your child's speech & language skills are developing

  • Wondering if your child's skills are progressing normally

  • Concerned that your child does not seem to be where other kids their age are

  • Noticing they're feeling frustrated because others are having trouble understanding them

The best thing you can do is talk with your pediatrician and seek help from a pediatric speech therapist.

Why "Wait and See" Is Not the Way

There are times in life when it's OK to "wait and see." But when it comes to the question -"Does my kid need speech therapy?" - waiting to talk with your doctor or a pediatric speech therapist is not the best option.

Research has shown that it's best to start speech therapy services as soon as you can. Early evaluation and treatment are key when it comes to treating communication disorders!

Delaying treatment can impact:

  • Overall early development

  • Social abilities

  • Success in school

BUT early intervention can make treatment:

  • Easier

  • More effective

  • Shorter

  • Less expensive

Early identification and treatment can also reverse or prevent many communication disorders.

Can My Child Handle Speech Therapy?

In addition to the question "does my kid need speech therapy?" you also might be wondering if your child can handle it. Maybe there are lots of unknowns...they've never done it before...what if they don't like it?

These thoughts are completely normal! BUT...

  • What if they DO like it?

  • What if they make progress?

  • What if they have fun there, too?

If you have concerns about your child's speech or language development, the best thing you can do is speak with us to see if your child might benefit from pediatric speech therapy services.

There is no long-term commitment! Most importantly, we want you to see the value in our therapy and feel comfortable with our services.

How to Get Started with Myna Therapy Services

Getting started with Myna Therapy Services is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Contact us to begin with a free consultation. We will gather basic information, listen to your concerns or support needs, and provide recommendations. After the call, we will send you the online intake paperwork. We may also schedule a speech and language evaluation session at this time.

  2. We will review your paperwork and make a plan for the evaluation. Our evaluation process includes a mix of testing, parent/client interviews, observations, and other activities tailored to your concerns.

  3. You will receive a thorough evaluation report and treatment plan with speech therapy goals and recommendations. Depending on your location and availability, your child may begin attending speech therapy sessions in person or online!

Don't wait! Give us a call to learn more today. Our pediatric speech therapists are highly trained experts in communication, speech, and language. We are ready to help you decide if your child would benefit from speech therapy services, whether that's through a FREE consultation or an evaluation!

Our pediatric speech therapists are excited to design motivating and effective speech therapy sessions that your child will look forward to each week! We want to help you reach the goals that matter most to you!




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