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Myna Therapy Services offers communication evaluations, speech therapy, and parent coaching services for children of all ages throughout West Fargo, Fargo, Dilworth, and Moorhead. ​We take a holistic approach by supporting your child's development and overall wellness!

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At Myna Therapy Services, we take time to learn about your child's interests, observe their current skills, and look deeper into any areas of concern you may have.


We will complete a formal evaluation to determine how your child's communication and feeding skills compare to children of the same chronological age - allowing us to confirm and document your child's strengths and challenges. We may also observe your child while they play, eat, and/or interact with others.

Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive a written report and a treatment plan that includes therapy goals. This report includes our professional recommendations, referrals (if needed), and other resources that may be useful for your family.


Our sessions are tailored to your child's unique interests, strengths, and needs to make therapy engaging and effective! Sessions may include:

  • Arts & crafts

  • Storybook reading

  • Climbing, jumping, & movement activities

  • Pretend play scenarios & toys

  • Scavenger hunts

  • Food exploration

  • Hands-on activities

You are always encouraged to be an active participant in your child's speech or feeding therapy sessions! Children meet their goals more quickly when parents and caregivers observe, learn new strategies, and ask/answer questions throughout the process.


Is your child hard to understand? Our speech therapy sessions combine repetitive sound practice with engaging activities to help your child:

  • Use all age-appropriate speech sounds 

  • Speak more clearly

  • Improve self-confidence and reduce frustration

  • Develop phonological skills to hear/ manipulate sounds for speaking, reading, and spelling

Child with developmental delays working on speech sounds and language sklls during speech therapy


We support your child's language development through activities that involve talking and playing! Using pictures, books, toys, and engaging experiences, we will help your child:

  • Gain new vocabulary and comprehend new words

  • Understand what they are told

  • Communicate with less frustration

  • Improve reading, spelling, and academic language skills

Child with swallowing difficulty participating in feeding therapy


We understand how stressful it can be when your child only eats a limited number of foods... not to mention how tiring it is to make more than one meal at each mealtime. We will support your family during your normal daily routines by equipping you with strategies and proven techniques to help your child:

  • Explore new foods in a playful environment

  • Expand their food inventory to include a greater variety of foods and brands

  • Reduce gagging, vomiting, coughing, and spitting out food during meals

  • Tolerate a variety of food textures and smells

  • Enjoy mealtime experiences


If your child struggles to socially communicate, often feels left out, or has trouble making and keeping friends, we can help! We use videos, social scenes, and games to help your child:

  • Build social confidence

  • Practice conversational skills

  • Self-advocate when needed

  • Navigate and solve social problems or conflicts

  • Understand social nuances and hidden meanings

Children working on social skills and cognitive sklls during speech therapy


Cognitive-communication skills are essential for social and academic success. Our therapy sessions are designed to support a variety of cognitive skills necessary for speech and language development and independence, including:

  • Attention and memory

  • Listening skills

  • Comprehension of spoken and written information

  • Problem-solving skills

We are accepting new clients!

Myna Therapy Services serves children and families throughout North Dakota and Minnesota! We provide in-person services in West Fargo, Fargo, Dilworth, and Moorhead, and online services to residents anywhere in ND and MN.

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